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Hello everyone and welcome to our website www.myreadforchange.com Here, you will find insights/books reviews/courses from segments like Personal Development, Money Management, Meditation, Spirituality, and much more.


I am Muzammil Sidhpurwala, Indian expat living in UAE. I grew up in Gujarat, India in a humble family. I have done my schooling in a local school with regional language as a medium of instruction. I learned the English language during high school and unfortunately, I flunked that subject in my final board exams. This was the turning point of my life and as I moved on with study, I got determined at learning the English language which also became my passion. As I graduated in the early 2000’s I realized how a language matters to be part of a discussion or conversation. I can still remember how it feels when you struggle to put across your ideas due to the language barrier. I used to rather remain quiet than open my mouth in a meeting only to avoid being laughed at.

Further, after being in a job for about five to six years I started reading different books again, but this time with a purpose to improve and not only communication. I wanted to develop my interpersonal skills, money management, and lead a more fulfilling life.

I had many ups and downs in my life with regard to my finances. After changing three to four industries professionally and staying in more than 6 to 7 cities in the last 15 years where I have met lots of people from different cultures and beliefs. What I found common in most is that people have the same beliefs but in different envelopes. And while reading different books and with my personal experience I came to an understanding that we always have someone to blame it may be an outer circumstance, people, stars, and whatnot, but we rarely take responsibility for our life and situation, as accepting we goofed up or didn’t do our best involves CHANGE and nobody likes to change.

Things started to change for good when I realized and resolved that I must take 100% responsibility for my life, work, and happiness. Since then, I am reading more and more books and implementing lessons in bite-size steps consistently to improve my life.


As I am changing and improving my life through reading books and taking consistent action, I now want to share my journey helping others realize through my writing that changing self is easier and better for happy fulfilling life rather than expecting others to change or situation to improve. What I have realized is that as we change; everything else that we do changes.


Here at www.myreadforchange.com, my purpose is to help you change for the better and accomplish everything you set your mind on. All of us have some good ideas for life and at times all we need is little encouragement and inspiration. Not everyone has time to read all the books hence here I bring my reviews and insights from books I read so that you can find inspiration to read and the strategies to turn your life around one step at a time, one area at a time.

Let’s build a better future by becoming better and not expecting better.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you, or you may reach out to me at muzammil@myreadforchange.com

All the best,



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