The 5 A.M. Club Book Review I Robin Sharma

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Are you struggling to inculcate early rising habit which has numerous benefits, then taking admission in “The 5 AM Club” is all you need.

The book is all about setting up this great habit from starting to automaticity point. I remember reading the monk who sold his Ferrari years ago of Robin Sharma.

When I heard about him writing this book, I was looking forward to reading the book and was eager to learn from his wisdom, as I am trying to get consistent with my early rising habit.

It took him about four years to write the book and the book clearly justifies the time taken.dawn photo

About The Author – 

Robin Sharma is a Canadian Author and speaker. He shot to fame with his book “the monk who sold his Ferrari Series”. His more than 10 books including ‘Who Will Cry, When You Die’ have sold millions of copies and translated in many languages.

He is one of the most respected leader in the personal development industry and has helped millions of people through his writing, coaching and training.

About the Book – 

The 5 AM Club revolves around exhausted entrepreneur and struggling artist who are lurking in downside of their professional and personal life and decides to attend personal development seminar by famous speaker known as The Spellbinder.

There they meet little awkward old man and yet get intrigued with his knowledge and the way he shares it with them, who invites them to an all expense paid trip to learn this morning routine and turn around their lives.

Both entrepreneur and artist who met first time themselves in the conference are skeptical about invitation considering the old man’s outfit and look.

Though they hesitantly accept the offer and takes a leap of faith in the unknown. Later they realize that this was the most important step they took, as what they learn changes everything.

The old man who turns out be a billionaire takes them to different places to teach promised lessons and starts with teaching them morning routine what he calls joining THE 5 AM CLUB.

From waking up at 5 am to what to do in next one hour to take charge of their day and apparently life. As he says all you got is a day to work with and also mentions when asked “It was the one practice that changed – and elevated – every other practice.

As, they go along with billionaire on the journey of learning new practices, while touring in different countries like Mauritius, India, Germany and South Africa.

Their new-found wisdom really amazes them and they commit to put in practice for making best of these new way of starting a day what Billionaire calls “Own your morning, Elevate your life”.

The billionaire shares insights like building solid foundation through constant learning, contemplation and implementing which is what only top 5% performers in all areas of life do. As, they move forward with learning he shares more details.

Few Mind Blowing Insights  –

Insights like how to break down first hour of the day in three session 20/20/20 Formula, The 4 focuses of history-makers, the 4 interior empires like (MINDSET, HEARTSET, HEALTHSET, SOULSET), The 5-3-1 Creed of the Willpower Warrior, The lifetime Habit ARC (The Trigger, The Ritual, The Reward, The Repetition), The Daily 5 Concept to name a few explained in great details with why and how it works.

Robin Sharma teaches from his years of experience in personal development industry. The teachings wrapped in engaging parable is full of Aha moments one liner, quotes that inspire to act and adopt tactics shared in the book.

A word of caution – you might feel at times that narration of characters and places are described in excessive details giving a feel of romantic novel and you might lose focus while reading this description, though you will get used to after some pages and most importantly don’t let that miss the important message book has to offer, which is the benefits of waking up at 5 am and run morning routine one can adopt for great result.

I have also created video of few quotes from the book – Hope you like it. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel – Myread4change


In long time I have read a book which is full of insights to adopt world-class habit like rising early and to build routine around for world-class productivity written in engaging romantic novel style.

I encourage everyone reading these words to pick up this book, go through it and give TH 5 AM CLUB a shot. I am sure you will be glad you did.

If you like reading e-books, you may download it for free here.

Hope this post gives enough clarity about what to expect from the book. I would appreciate your feedback in comment section and do let me know what you learn from the book.

See you at THE 5 AM CLUB.


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