Your Word is Your Wand – Florence Scovel Shinn

Book – Your Word is Your Wand Author – Florence Scovel Shinn Genre – Self- help Book Published in – 1928 Got hands on another book from Florence Scovel Shinn after reading “The game of life and how to play it” Your word is your wand is of sequel to the book and share great … Read more

Awakened Imagination – Review – Neville Goddard

Book – Awakened Imagination (Review) Author – Neville Goddard Genre – Self- help Book Published in – 2013 Imagination awakened is kind of sequel to Neville Goddard’s book the power of awareness, that takes readers more deeply in to the significance of Imagination. Man must firmly come to believe that reality lies within him and … Read more

The power of Awareness Review I Neville Goddard

Book – The Power of Awareness (Review) Author – Neville Goddard Genre – Self- help Book Published in – 1952 Picked up another book in the new thought circle that claims every individual has higher power within and shows a way to access that power. Everything that we see and experience outside is reflection of … Read more

The Complete Game of Life and How to Play It Summary

Book – The Complete Game of life and How to Play it Author – Florence Scovel Shinn (With Chris Gentry) Genre – Self- help Book Originally published in – 1925 as (The Game of Life and How to Play It) The Game of Life is a game of boomerangs. Man’s thoughts, deeds and words, return … Read more

The Power of the Intention – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Book – The Power of Intention Author – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Genre – Self-help Published in – 2004 A midst all uncertainties we are living in right now, it is enlightening to know we can choose to feel good and feeling otherwise not doing any good anyways. Change the way you look at things, … Read more