The power of Awareness Review I Neville Goddard

Book – The Power of Awareness (Review)

Author – Neville Goddard

Genre – Self- help Book

Published in – 1952

Picked up another book in the new thought circle that claims every individual has higher power within and shows a way to access that power. Everything that we see and experience outside is reflection of our internal state of consciousness. The book explains how we can tap in to that power.

The power of awareness talks about the center of consciousness “I AM” and everything that follows, is created by what “I AM” goes on to create within and how we can change what we have created once we understand how do we go about it.

About the Author –

Neville Lancelot Goddard known more as Neville was an American author. He wrote books on the Bible, mysticism and self-help. Most of his works inspires readers to see God within themselves and explains an Idea that each individual is capable of designing one’s life through law of assumption and attention.

About the book –

The power of awareness explains how each individual creates life of their dreams consciously or suffering through being ignorant to the power of awareness.

The book calls visualization, Law of assumption and also teaches tactics how assumption & attention on wish fulfilled can lead to desire manifestation.

Author claims by creating clear images and putting our complete undivided attention of who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to have we can materialize it.

Couple of points that book explains so well –

  • To change our circumstances, we must change our thoughts and yet we can’t change what we think unless we have new ideas. Hence, desire to transform becomes the first step in transformation.
  • The Truth that sets you free is that you can experience in imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in imagination your desire will become an actuality.
  • Your Attention must be developed, controlled and concentrated in order to change your concept of yourself successfully and thereby change your future. Imagination is able to do anything but only according to the internal direction of your attention. You may consider 15 Minutes Manifestation program which works on guided visualization process.
  • Mental conversation – Once we set impression of some people, we start having mental conversation within, creating scenarios how anyone will treat us and how we will react, and as a result of our mental chatter, we face that in actuality. Hence, changing our image of others and creating good mental conversation can lead to a better relationship.
  • Do not go seeking for that which you are. Appropriate it, claim it, and assume it. Everything depends upon your concept of yourself. That which you do not claim as true of yourself, cannot be realized by you.
  • Failure to apply law of assumption – One would have hard time applying and manifesting anything through law of assumption until it feel natural to him. One should be able to conceive what one is asking for and should be able to imagine himself having it. And imagination can be of great help here.
  • Faith – Contrary to popular opinion, the efficacy of faith is not due to the work of any outside agency. It is from first to last an activity of your own consciousness.

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The book is full of great lines and quotes and so I have also put up a post of quotes. You may consider checking out here.

Conclusion –

With hardly 80 around pages book is a short read with great insights. You will be able to take complete responsibility of current situation and able to embark on journey of creating life you want with change in consciousness with persistent practice.

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Hope this post helped you know what to expect from the book.

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