Awakened Imagination – Review – Neville Goddard

Book – Awakened Imagination (Review)

Author – Neville Goddard

Genre – Self- help Book

Published in – 2013

Imagination awakened is kind of sequel to Neville Goddard’s book the power of awareness, that takes readers more deeply in to the significance of Imagination. Man must firmly come to believe that reality lies within him and not without.

Author describes word Imagination has been used so lightly in long course of time that it has lost its real meaning. The book suggests Imagination is the highest power available to men and how one make the best use of it to achieve what one is thriving for.

About the Author –

Neville Lancelot Goddard known more as pen name Neville was an American author. He wrote ten books on the Bible, mysticism and self-help. Most of his works inspires readers to see God within themselves and explains an Idea that each individual is capable of designing one’s life through law of assumption and attention.

About the Book –

Imagination awakened is one of the simplest explanation of Imagination and application of it from day to day experiences to attaining any major desire in life. Author conveys Imagination is the inner power that we hold and call by different names be it God, higher self, consciousness.

Couple of points to consider from the book –

  • The abundant life that Christ promised us is ours to experience now, but not until we have the sense of Christ as our imagination can we experience it.
  • Imagination’s birth and growth is the gradual transition from a God of tradition to a God of experience. If the birth of Christ in man seems slow, it is only because man is unwilling to let go the comfortable but false anchorage of tradition.
  • Experience has convinced me that an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact, that continuous imagination is sufficient for all things and all my reasonable plans and actions will never make up for my lack of continuous imagination.
  • The man of imagination does not deny the reality of outer world, however he understands that his inner world of continues imagination forcing circumstances to pass in outer world.
  • We must move mentally from thinking of the end to thinking from the end. This, reason could never do. By its nature it is restricted to the evidence of the senses; but imagination, having no such limitation, can.
  • Freedom and forgiveness are indissolubly linked. Not to forgive is to be at war with ourselves for we are freed according to our capacity to forgive. Forgive, not merely from a sense of duty or service, forgive because you want to.

Few suggestions one may consider to change life for better with Imagination –

  • How you view the world, good or bad. Believe it or not with change in projections we put outside, we can change our experience in the world.
  • How you think of other people, focus on your mental chatter that goes inside in regards with them. As, you alter your inner chat with these people your experience over time with them will become better.
  • Imagination as pen name Neville claims has more power than and can’t be substituted by any amount of hard work. Keep this in mind and keep creating good images in regards with all aspect of life.
  • You must imagine yourself right into the state of your fulfilled desire, and fall asleep viewing the world from that state. You may consider the 15 Manifestation program, which will help you with 15 minutes guided meditation before sleep and you can experience shift in your abilities to imagine what you desire to manifest.
  • Before sleeping, see your day in actual first and then revise it the way you would have wanted to be.
  • It will take time like any habits does. We have been thinking, creating images and most of the time not even aware of it. As we begin seeing from the end, thinking from the end, we will face resistance from senses and present reality, go past that and eventually it will come naturally.

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Conclusion –

Read through this book couple of times. It’s hardly 50 pages and you may use this book as a guide to get better with your imagination. Start small.

Consider putting imagination to work for shifting something smaller and as you manifest small changes you’ll be able to use it for bigger stations in life more confidently.

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Wish you life of great Imagination.


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