Master Key System Summary – Charles F. Haanel

Book – The Master Key System (Summary)

Author – Charles F. Haanel

Genre – Self- help Book

Published – Year 1916


We all are in one of three categories or know people in one of these categories. First, attract success, power, wealth and happiness with very little conscious efforts. Second, attracts the same with great difficulty and Third are yet to find ways to create everything they want.

If, you are in second or third category than this book will be of great help to move in to 1st category by applying principles shared in the book.

Master Key system written over 100 years ago is one of the best book I have read on importance of thought. I feel as if, this is detailed version of Famous Book & Movie “The Secret” based on law of attraction.

This book though not only explains in detail how law of attraction works but also gives step by step guide to make the best use of these laws.

About the AuthorCharles F Haanel Photo

Charles Francis Haanel was American Author, Philosopher and Businessman. He is best known for his contributions to new thought movement through various books Master Key system, Mental Chemistry, A book about you, to name a few.

About the Book

The Master key system is adaptation of Charles F. Haanel 24 week correspondence course developed by him on the use of Mind power to create ideal life.

Author claims that mind is not only the creator, but the only creator of all there is. Everything that was ever created in physical world was conceived in mind first. As, the Adage goes “we can only achieve what we can conceive.”

You can expect to get better control of thoughts and indirectly yet surely of all aspect of life health, wealth and love.

Master Key System will enable you to recognize opportunities where, others only see difficulties by shifting thought patterns. As you understand and apply these laws you will be able to attract situation and people to create abundance for all involved in the process.

Few Key Ideas From The Book

1) The Conscious & The Subconscious MindIce image

Describing Mind Author explains that mind is divided in conscious & subconscious. Though 90% of our mind is Subconscious which is way powerful than conscious mind, it doesn’t have ability of reasoning.

Hence, it depends on our conscious mind for instruction. And it depends on our conscious mind what it allows to let in. And that’s way Conscious is responsible ruler and guardian of the subconscious.

As much as conscious let fear, worry, poverty, disease and other negative patterns slip in subconscious through negligence, it also has power to deliberately feed thoughts of courage, health, wealth and prosperity in to subconscious mind.

There is a vast difference between only thinking, and directing our thought consciously, systematically and constructively; when we do this we place our mind in harmony with the universal mind.

2) Solar Plexus (Chakra in Sanskrit Language)Solar Plexus in Human Body image

The Cerebro-spinal system is the organ of the conscious mind and sympathetic is the organ of subconscious. Sympathetic system has its center in a ganglionic mass at the back of the stomach known as solar plexus.

This is the point at which part meets the whole. This center of energy is omnipotent because it is the point of contact with all life and all intelligence.

Non- resistant thoughts expands the solar plexus, resistant thoughts contracts it. Pleasant thought expands it; unpleasant thought contracts it. Fear is the biggest enemy and needs to be completely eliminated, as nothing contracts it more than fear.

3) There are couple of more things that really resonate with me.

  • At the end of every chapter Author has suggested exercises to become better at using the power of thought.
  • Suggestion of starting anything big or small, be it forming new habit, starting any project, participating in event. Only start if you can commit and complete.
  • As every time we start and don’t finish we form the habit of failure. So commit only if you can finish and once you start make sure to finish, come what may. Always remember “we can be what we will to be.”
  • It is in silence that you get in touch with the omnipotent power of the subconscious mind from which all power is evolved. If you have never done meditation and wants to begin you may consider this 3 Minute Meditation Program.

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I would like to mention that you may go through this book all at once and then start reading one chapter a week, as all twenty-four chapters suggests exercise for a week to implement one after the other. You will surely find great changes in these 24 weeks.

You may download Master Key Systems Free E-Book here.

Hope this post helped you understand what to expect from this book.

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