From Poverty to Power – James Allen – Best Classic Book

Book – From Poverty to Power Author – James Allen Genre – Classic Self- help Book Published in – 1901 Whether you are looking for material success, inner peace, happiness or you are on a spiritual journey. This classic book can be of great help. From poverty to power connects both world accomplishments and help … Read more

The Power Of Now book summary – Are you present now?

Book – The Power of Now Author – Eckhart Tolle Genre – Self- help Book Originally published in – 1997 In current times when we are either beating self of past mistakes or constantly anxious about future. Even when things are good there are always times when mind wander in to unknown and before we … Read more

Master Key System Summary – Charles F. Haanel

Book – The Master Key System Author – Charles F. Haanel Genre – Self- help Book Published – Year 1916 Introduction – We all are in one of three categories or know people in one of these categories. First, attract success, power, wealth and happiness with very little conscious efforts. Second, attracts the same with … Read more

The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran – Poetry with message

Book – The Prophet Author – Kahlil Gibran Genre – Poetry, Fiction, Prose poetry First Published – 1923 Since I have been reading different books, The Prophet has been referred in many books and I finally got to read it. I read book of poetry first time and liked it. Core messages given through fable … Read more