Reality Transurfing Book Summary I Vadim Zeland

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Book – Reality Transurfing

Author – Vadim Zeland

Genre – Self-help

Book Published in – 2012

It is such a luxurious privilege to be yourself! It is the one privilege everyone can afford but only a few musters up the courage to enjoy.

– Vadim Zeland

There is enormous information, and books available on the concept of the law of attraction, and positive thinking, however, this book summarizes them well, especially why these things don’t work for most people.

If you are reading this book summary, I guess you have read, and heard about the law of attraction, and the power of thoughts, how it works.

I have read and written about a couple of those books on my blog, yet Reality Transurfing has cleared and opened up concepts I wasn’t aware and it helped me.

About the Book

We become so attached to how we want things to turn out and, in the process, block nature to take its course and restrict things to come to us.

Transurfing is a powerful technique aimed at giving you the power to create aspects of your life in a way that would ordinarily seem impossible.

The circumstances of a person’s life are not only created by their actions but also by the nature of their thoughts.

Transurfing shows how to choose a different alternative that matches our desires.

Here are Few Key Points From the Book –


  • The author describes pendulums as structures derived from people of certain thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. For example different religions, and political parties.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are following one or hating one, you’re being drained of your energy.

Defeating the Pendulum

  • The first rule of defeating the pendulum is to refuse to get into conflict with it.
  • The main thing is not to fight it, judge it, get angry, or lose your self-control because by doing so you agree to play the game.

Ignore, Don’t Avoid

There is a difference.

  • When you avoid something, it means you have let it into your personal space but is now actively trying to get rid of it.
  • To ‘ignore’ something means not to react to it and consequently not to experience its presence in your space.


  • Let in the things that are positive and you will be greeted on your path by ever more good news and auspicious opportunity.
  • Be happy for all that you have in this given moment. Being happy by definition is no empty invocation.
  • If you do not let bad news into your heart, you will not allow it into your life.
  • When you are in the right relationship with yourself and your environment, you transmit harmonious energy into the world around you.


  • The Author makes an excellent point of maintaining balance meaning doing your best without worrying.
  • You can eliminate the majority of the problems you usually face if you relieve yourself of the huge effort of giving excessive importance to things, and situations.

From Battle to Balance

  • People tend to have a very clear view of the obstacles in their way but a very dim view of the foundation on which those obstacles are constructed.
  • When trying to solve a problem follow one golden rule: before you even start considering where the solution might lie, first reduce the level of importance you give to the problem.
  • Thest level of efficiency in any action is achieved when a person manages to shift the focus of their attention from self and the end goal, to the process of acting.


  • It is very difficult to shift to a life of prosperity if you despise your poverty, envy the wealthy, and constantly wish you were better off.
  • Another obstacle on the path to wealth is envy. To envy, someone means to be annoyed by someone else’s success.

Going with The Flow

  • Everything can be done a lot simpler than you think. Yield to simplicity.
  • It is about learning that smooth, light, simple movements are enough to navigate the water. You do not have to be an impotent paper boat or splash your hands wildly about in the water.

The Power of Letting Go

Word Image of Let it Go
  • Never criticize anything that happened in the past and cannot be changed. In everything else, go with the flow, not in a literal sense by agreeing with everything and everybody, but by moving the center of gravity from control to observation.
  • Having let go of attachment to control you will find you have genuine control of a situation.
  • If you move harmoniously with the flow of alternatives the world will meet you halfway.


  • The laws of the universe are dispassionate, indifferent to your complaints, pain, and lament.
  • Gratitude on the other hand by nature is similar to unconditional love. When a person experiences feelings of sincere gratitude they radiate creative energy.
  • The choice is about the decision to have and to take action, not about the request.

The Wizard Within

  • If you can allow yourself to have something you will achieve it. Begin by believing in the unlimited possibilities of the heart and then turn your mind around to face it.
  • The hardest role to play is the one where you play yourself and allow yourself to remove the mask and be yourself.


  • In reality, everything is a lot simpler. Inspiration comes from the union between heart and mind in the absence of importance.
  • The will to have and the complete absence of insistence and determination on your part play the key role.
  • Just start, and what is more, start without waiting to feel inspired first, and in the process of doing, inspiration will come to you. Inspiration is freed up in act of working.

Will to Have

  • The freedom of choice lies in one incredibly simple fact. There is no need to fight to achieve your goal. All you need is the will to have.
  • When importance disappears the need to push for your goals transforms into the will to have and then outer intention sets in.

Two Things for Will to Have

Two things get in the way of allowing yourself to have.

  • The first is the conflict between the heart and mind.
  • The second is the excess potential of inner and outer importance, which uses up free energy.
  • Begin placing one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goal in whatever way you can. Your actions will become more effective in the process of doing.

Strength from within in two steps of Transurfing

  • Firstly, get rid of feelings of guilt which means you have to stop justifying yourself and explaining your actions to others who have the outright audacity to judge you.
  • Secondly, stop protecting or proving your worth.

I have created a video of a few quotes from the book. Please subscribe to the YouTube channel for self-help books quotes- Myread4change


Even though it’s a long book, it will be worth your time. You’ll walk away feeling light and have a new outlook on goals and the means to achieve them.

Begin placing one foot in front of the other in the direction of your goal in whatever way you can. Your actions will become more effective in the process of doing.

You may visit Author’s Vadim Zeland site to learn about Transurfing.

Hope this book helps you in some way. If you like this book, you will also like The Power of Intention book.

Thank you for Reading.

Fellow Reader.


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