The Power of the Intention – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Book – The Power of Intention

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Author – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Genre – Self-help

Published in – 2004

A midst all uncertainties we are living in right now, it is enlightening to know we can choose to feel good and feeling otherwise not doing any good anyways. Change the way you look at things, and things you look at change. That’s what this book explains it so well in detail.

About the Author –

Dr. Wayne Walter Dyer was an American author and motivation speaker. His first book Your Erroneous Zone, is one of the best-selling books of all time. He has authored many more best-selling books in which The power of Intention is one. His teaching grown from motivation techniques and positive thinking to guiding readers about spiritual solution to the challenges of life.

About the book –

The Power of Intention explains how we as an individual has the power to create our lives the way we want it for us and We cannot have good coming to us unless we think of good for us and others. So long as we have ill feelings about others and their way of doing things, we will find it impossible to reach lives we strive for ourselves.

Author encourages readers to begin with reading Part III of the book first where he has narrated a person who is connected to the field of intention to give clear idea of what one can expect by adopting the teaching from the book.

Part I

In part I author explains Intention as our ability to make connection with our higher self rather than just strong desire with solid determination. He explained as he moved further in to his teaching and experienced life he saw Intention as dormant forces, faculties, and talents that can come alive when we make that connection.

The seven face of intention has been explained in great details namely – Creative, King, Love, Beauty, Abundant, Expanding, Receptive. Moving on to explaining difficulties one faces connecting to Intention and stays in lower level where he is unable to manifest his desires.

Part II

In part II Author explains How to use intention to manifest our desires by putting in practice principles shared in section I. Be it enriching our relationship with self. Getting along with others in joyous way. Attracting success and abundance. Living stress-free life. Bring out our genius and create life of bliss.

Two things that I found highly insisted through the book are the power of Gratitude and Meditation. Practice of gratitude works best when we can either write or deliberately think with relaxed mind. Meditation is another practice that one must adopt as that has numerous benefits, calm mind, better perspective, awareness to the moment to name a few.

If you have never meditated before or feel you are always short on time you may consider 3 Minutes Meditation! for quick meditation.

The Power of Intention provides principle which helps to change from what has always been to what one intends to manifest through shift in thoughts and how we look at things. The Power of Intention is full of insights to change our inner speech, our level of energy and the way we look at self-importance.

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Conclusion –

I highly recommend this book for every one who is looking to change the way things are by understanding, setting intention and following principles that will bring tremendous change in all aspect of life. You will be clear why you are where you are and it will encourage you to change the way you look at things for things to change.

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Hope this post help you understand to what to expect from the book. Please write in your suggestion/feedback about this post and if you have any questions about the book. Do write in the comment and I will be glad to answer.

May you set great Intentions, put in the work and achieve great success.


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