The Rules of Life Book Review I Richard Templar

Book – The Rules of Life (Review)

Author – Richard Templar

Genre – Self-help Book

First Published in 2005.

Title seems bit cheesy and I realized and even thought and was rather scared of judgmental look I may get while walking around with the book in my hand. Though after reading, I found it was worth the look or judgment that I might have got.

The book is not revealing anything new. As Author mention in the book “It’s not revelation, it’s a reminder.”

About the AuthorRichard Templar Photo

Richard Templar is a British Author. He is known for having written self-help, personal development and management books. In series of books like The rules of life, work, love, wealth, parenting, money and management are shared about 100 rules on the subject.

His style of writing is simple and effective. Books are designed in such a way that reader can read any chapter without having to read prior chapters. All rule are put in maximum one or two pages.

About The Rules of Life

I am sure you must have come across people you instantly like, liked to spend time with or work with. They seem lucky, happy and successful as if they have cracked the code of life and how to deal with everything they come across with relative ease.

As, I surfed through pages I realized these people have most of the qualities described in the book.

The book has rules pertaining to four areas that is Rules for You, Partnership Rule, Family and Friends Rule and Social Rules with small chapters describing each rule briefly.

The rules will seem very simple yet don’t under estimate the impact of each rule on your improvement in self and your relations with others.

It’s the simple stuff that gets the best result, though we have been told that we got to do hard things and great result are achieved through them. Simple is not sexy, attractive and don’t get likes on Instagram, Facebook and hence less appeal.

Here are few of my favorites that I have adopted, practicing and glad I am working on it.

1) Keep it Under Your HatSimply meaning whether you start something or make any changes don’t announce it to the world, discuss it in fact keep it yourself, silently work on it and let people find out on their own.

2) Accept what is Done is Done

Everyone make mistakes, big or small. Forgive self and others for what they. As Author mention it – They did what they did not because they wanted to, but because they didn’t know any better.

3) Don’t Dwell on the Past

This one saves lot to time, stress, drama, self-pity and top of everything procrastination. Try to see the past as a room separate from the one you are living now. You can go in there but you don’t stay there.

4) Learn to Ask Questions

This one is really good one and can save us from lots of argument, misunderstanding, broken relationship.

By asking questions we can know the intention behind, grasp clearly the meaning, respond nicely rather than reacting by assuming and blowing things out of proportion. Yet do make sure to know when to ask questions and when to keep quiet.

5) If You Can’t Say Anything Good, Don’t Say Anything at All

This one is really helpful in building habit of seeing good in others. It is very easy to talk bad behind people’s back and go on and on about it. Yet it takes courage to say good or nothing at all.

6) Know When to Listen and When to Act

This one is really simple yet difficult to apply. We tend to start giving advice or help and telling people what they should do, while all they wanted was a friend to just hear them out. Knowing when someone is seeking help/guidance or just wants to talk can help strengthen relation drastically.

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The book is full of insights and rules that I described above, will look very simple and yet you will find not everything that looks simple is really easy.

Read this one and you will surely resonate with many or most rules. Most importantly apply them and see the difference.

You may download The Rules of Life Free E-book here. If you like this book, you may also like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

If you read this book, do share your favorite rule in the comment section. Also I would appreciate your feedback/suggestion about this post in comment.

Wish you a great success.


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