Your Word is Your Wand Book Summary

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Book – Your Word is Your Wand

Author – Florence Scovel Shinn

Genre – Self- help Book

Published in – 1928

Got hands on another Florence Scovel Shinn’s book after reading “The game of life and how to play it” Your word is your wand is of sequel to the book.

It emphasizes the power of words we utter in front of others and more importantly to ourselves. It can make or mar our chances at anything we set our minds on.

About the Author

Florence Scovel Shinn was an American artist and book illustrator who became a new thought spiritual teacher. She shot to fame as a writer and lecturer post-publication of her books “The game of life and how to play it” in 1925 and “Your word is your wand” In 1928.

About the Book

Your word is your wand is a short book of merely 90 pages holding keys to most of the issues in all aspects of life. Book has written in short chapters of each important aspect and infuse faith with useful affirmations to turn around any situation.

Jesus Christ emphasized the power of the word; “By thy words, thou shalt be justified and by thy words, thou shalt be condemned” and “death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

God is man’s supply and that man can release, through his spoken word, all that belongs to him by divine right. He must, however, have perfect faith in his spoken word.

Few Affirmations form the Book

1) Success Affirmation

  • The decks are now cleared for Divine Action and my own comes to me under grace Magically.
  • There is no competition on the Spiritual plane. What is rightfully mine is given me under grace.
  • I banish the past and now live in the wonderful now, where happy surprises come to me each day.

2) Prosperity Affirmation

  • I spend money under direct inspiration wisely and fearlessly, knowing my supply is endless and immediate .
  • I am fearless in letting money go out, knowing God is my immediate and endless supply.

3) Happiness Affirmation

  • There can be no happiness where there is fear, apprehension or dread. With perfect faith in God comes a feeling of security and happiness.

4) Loss Affirmation

  • There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything that is rightfully mine.
  • Infinite Intelligence is never too late! Infinite Intelligence knows the way of recovery.

5) Memory Affirmation

  • There is no loss of memory in Divine Mind, therefore, I recollect everything I should remember and I forget all that is not for my good.

6) Faith Affirmation

  • I am poised and powerful, my greatest expectations are realized miraculously.
  • I now exercise my fearless faith in three ways—by thinking, speaking and acting. I am unmoved by appearances, therefore appearances move.

7) Debt Affirmation

  • When a man is in debt or people owe him money, it shows a belief of debt in his subconscious mind. Use below affirmation that matches your situations –
  • If you owe money to someone – I deny debt, there is no debt in Divine Mind, therefore, I owe no man anything. All obligations are now wiped out under grace miraculously.
  • If someone owes you money – I deny debt, there is no debt in Divine Mind, no man owes me anything, all is squared. I send forth love and forgiveness.

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Read the book and apply these affirmations wherever applicable with full faith and you will see things turn around in no time. I suggest you read this book after you read “The Game of life and how to play it” as it is used as a reference many times in the book. These two books are like the part I and part II.

You may download Your Word is Your Wand E-book here.

You can read the summary of The complete game of life and how to play it here.

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Wish you great success. Thank you for reading.


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