Your Faith is Your Fortune By Neville Goddard

Book – Your Faith is Your Fortune

Author – Neville Goddard

Genre – Self- help Book

Published in – 1941

Man’s faith in God is measured by his confidence in himself.

Your faith is your fortune discusses man’s power of decreeing his fate and nothing has ever appeared in man’s world but he decreed that it should.

This is the third book I read after reading The Power of Awareness and Awakened Imagination and loved it. The book merely of 76 pages is short crisp and put across point that our faith is really our fortune is really well.

About the Author –

Neville Lancelot Goddard known more as Neville was an American author. He wrote books on the Bible, mysticism and self-help. Most of his works inspires readers to see God within themselves and explains an Idea that each individual is capable of designing one’s life through law of assumption and attention.

About the Book –

The book explains few verses from Bible and Neville respectfully connects them with our day to day life, our problem, why we don’t succeed many times at what we aspire to be or have and how to change that for good.

For those who has never read Bible or read but didn’t connect that with worldly circumstances will be able to relate things well and be inspired to apply these teachings, which are furthermore simplified.

Neville expresses God as our awareness of being and we should look within and utilize the power we have to overcome every obstacle in life rather than looking outside for causes and remedy.

He suggests that Bible describes God, creator of heaven and earth, is discovered to be man’s awareness of being. To name a few: “Be still and know that I AM God.” “I AM the Lord and there is no God.” “I AM the door.” “I AM the resurrection and the life.” “I AM the way.” “I AM the beginning and the end.”

Few points from the book that will inspire you to take a leap of faith

1. If man would give up his belief in a God apart from himself, recognize his awareness of being to be God (this awareness fashions itself in the likeness and image of its conception of itself), he would transform his world from a barren waste to a fertile field of his own liking. The law of consciousness is the only law of expression.

2. Man must know that his awareness of being is God. Until this is firmly established so that no suggestion or argument of others can shake him, he will find himself returning to the slavery of his former belief.

3. Your belief that you are now that which you desire to be is proof of your acceptance of life’s gifts. You have opened the door for your Lord, clothed in your desire, to enter the moment you establish this belief.

4. Go, tell no man of this holy thing that you have conceived. Lock your secret within you and magnify the Lord, magnify or believe your desire to be your savior coming to be with you.

5. With your desire defined, quietly go within and shut the door behind you. Lose yourself in your desire; feel yourself to be one with it; remain in this fixation until you have absorbed the life and name by claiming and feeling yourself to be and to have that which you desired. When you emerge from the hour of prayer you must do so conscious of being and possessing that which you heretofore desired.

6. Way of Visualization –

First: define your objective (not the manner of obtaining it) — but your objective, pure and simple; know exactly what it is you desire so that you have a clear mental picture of it.

Secondly: take your attention away from the obstacles which separate you from your objective and place your thought on the objective itself.

Thirdly: close your eyes and FEEL that you are already in the place you want to be or in possession of thing you desire. Remain within this psychological state until you get a conscious reaction of complete satisfaction in this victory. Then, by simply opening your eyes, return to your former conscious state.

7. Neville connects The twelve disciples with the twelve qualities of mind –

The twelve disciples represent the twelve qualities of mind which can be controlled and disciplined by man.

1. Disciple – Simon – Quality – The Attribute of hearing. (being careful of what enters in the house – Consciousness)

2. Disciple – Andrew – Quality – Courage. (Having faith in unseen and not getting carried away with appreances, senses and opinion of others needs Courage)

3 & 4. Disciples – James and John – Qualities – James the just, the righteous judge, and his brother John, the beloved. Justice to be wise must be administered with love, ever turning the other cheek and at all times returning well for evil, love for hate, non-violence for violence.

5. Disciple – Philip – Quality – The awakened man knows that the Father is the state of consciousness in which man dwells. This aspect of the mind when disciplined persists until ideas, ambitions and desires become embodied realities.

6. Disciple – Bartholomew – Quality – The imaginative faculty (This quality is the imaginative faculty, which quality of the mind when once awake distinguishes one from the masses).

7. Disciple – Thomas – Quality – This disciplined quality doubts or denies every rumor and suggestion that are not in harmony with that which Simon Peter has been commanded to let enter into our consciousness.

8. Disciple – Matthew – Quality – Desire, The gift of God (This quality of the mind reveals man’s desires as gifts of God. The man who has called this disciple into being knows that every desire of his heart is a gift from heaven and that it contains both the power and the plan of its self-expression).

9. Disciple – James the son of Alphaeus – Quality – This is the quality of discernment. A clear and ordered mind is the voice which calls this disciple into being. This faculty perceives that which is not revealed to the eye of man. This disciple judges not from appearances for it has the capacity to function in the realm of causes and so is never misled by appearances.

10. Disciple – Thaddaeus – Quality – Praise – When this quality of praise and thanksgiving is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father,” ever on his lips. He knows that his thanks for things not seen opens the windows of heaven and permits gifts beyond his capacity to receive to be poured upon him.

11. Disciple – Simon of Canaan – Quality – Hearing good news This disciplined aspect of the mind is incapable of hearing anything other than good news and so is well qualified to preach the Gospel or Good-spell.

12. Disciple – Judas– Quality – Detachment When this quality is awake man knows that he must die to that which he is before he can become that which he desires to be.

Couple of Quotes from the Book –

1. “A conviction is not a conviction if it can be shaken. Your desire will be as clouds without rain unless you believe”

2. “Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change”

3. “Stop asking yourself whether you are worthy or unworthy of claiming yourself to be that which you desire to be. You will be condemned by the world only as long as you condemn yourself”

4. “You do not fight against your problem; your problem will only live as long as you are conscious of it. Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal. Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired”

5. “Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory”

Conclusion –

Read through this small book with open mind and you will walk out with different perception. You will look at things differently and will reinstate your power to decree your fate.

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Wish you life of strong faith and great fortune.


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