Jack Ma’s 21 Best Quotes For Success in Business and life

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Jack Ma’s 21 Best Quotes about Growth and Success at work, business and life.

About Jack Ma –

Jack Ma is the founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group, owning some of the most successful internet-based business establishments of all time. The Alibaba group owns the giant e-commerce players ‘Alibaba’, and ‘Taobao’, the popular payment channel ‘Alipay’, the marketing and public relations giant Ali Mama, and a significant share in a host of other companies.

Jack Ma is worth over 40 Billion dollars, and his success story teaches us that it’s not our beginnings nor the resources at our disposal that dictate our success, but our will, tenacity, grit, and our desperation to succeed.

Here are 21 best quotes from Jack Ma’s Biography by R.G. Knights

1. “Your success in life might depend on your intellectual abilities to an extent, but the most important factor that would decide your success or your failure is your desperation to succeed”

2. “Once in your lifetime, try something. Work hard at something. Try to challenge the status quo. Nothing bad can happen, but you have to be willing to try”

3. “If you don’t do it, nothing is possible. If you do it, at least, you have hope that there is a chance”

4. “When you run away from your problems, you start running a race you will never finish, because no matter how long you run, your problems would always keep chasing you”

5. “Fear is an innate feeling and it is okay to be afraid. But, giving in to fear and turning your back to the raging fire which is threatening to consume you be, however, not acceptable at all. We must face our fears”

6. “Stop running away from your problems. Face them head-on. Never give up even in the face of the most threatening situations. Be ready to go ALL IN and give your ambitions all that you have. Lastly, always strive to do everything you can to protect your dreams”

7. “In life, people would always talk about you and what you do. Some people would applaud you for doing what you love but a lot more people would mock you. You need to develop a thick skin”

8. “To become successful, you need to learn to use ever the most mundane or insignificant opportunities to your advantage”

9. “If you want to be taste success, you need to be a visionary. You need to look beyond the present circumstances and project yourself into the future”

10. “To succeed in life, you need to realize that there would be circumstances that you would have absolutely no control over. In such types of situations, all you can do is summon the strength and power from inside every day to keep going despite all the challenges thrown at you”

11. “Going anywhere, doing business takes time. No market welcomes gamblers. You go there, create value for local people, take your time, then you will have a chance”

12. “Failure does not define you; it is what you do immediately after failing that determines whether you’d win or lose. If you chose to give up on yourself, then you have allowed failure to win. You have not failed in the life until you’ve accepted defeat”

13. “Learn to be disciplined and time conscious. Today is the oldest you have ever been but the youngest you are for now. Make every minute count”

14. “Whatever you do, you need to realize that people will talk. People will complain. People will pass negative comments and criticize like anything. You can’t afford to allow these people to rule your mind”

15. “It is okay to start small. Small beginnings are okay but not starting at all, sitting there, waiting for some magic to happen is inexcusable”

16. “The best time to start whatever you have in mind is right now. If you start now instead of starting tomorrow, you would be gaining an extra day of experience, which might end up making a lot of difference in the long run. Stop waiting for that big break and just get on with it already”

17. “The things that you do not have are probably not going to prevent you from achieving what you want. It will force you to be more creative and think out of the box”

18. “You need to swallow your pride and shift your mindset from sub-consciously paying heed to the small-talk around you. Remember that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people”

19. “Life may be unfair at times, but life is not completely cruel. Life allows you to equip yourself with the necessary skills to not just survive, but to stand out”

20. “I use Tai Chi philosophy in business: Calm down, there’s always a way out, and keep yourself balanced, and meanwhile, don’t try to kill your competitors”

21. “Many a time, people from terrible opinions about other people they haven’t met, based solely on the information they obtain from other people. Learn to have your own opinions about people, issues, ideas, and organizations. Your opinions may and may not tally with the opinions of the majority and it’s okay”

Hope these lessons from Jack Maa inspired you in some way to march forward towards your goal or brighten your day.

Feel free to share these with anyone you feel needs a little boost or words of encouragement.

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Wish you all green signal.


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