Change your Habits, Change Your Life I Scott Piles

Book – Change Your Habits, Change Your Life (Summary)

Author – Scott Piles

Genre – Self-help Book

Published in – 2016

“Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. They rarely do. It takes a while to incorporate a new habit into your life.”

Change your habits, change your life urges reader to accept that changes are hard, and suggests small tiny changes to inculcate habits that improves all aspects of life be it, physical, financial, spiritual or over all well-being.

Scott explains in change your habits, change your life, how to identify our established habits, what triggers them and how to change them with baby steps.

About the Author

Scott is a writer, author, entrepreneur, life coach, personal trainer, speaker and an avid traveler. Scott has been making money online since 2013 and decided to hop on to Kindle and share with the world his wealth of knowledge.

About the Book

This is one of the best book I have read on how to identify and change unproductive habits to improve our life. With less than 100 pages book it hardly takes an hour.

The book is divided in three parts 1) pillars of habit changing, 2) understanding the habit routine that dictates your level of happiness 3) 30 small changes you can make to improve your life.

Excerpts from each part –

Part I – Pillars of Habit Changing

Scott suggests that we are many times not even aware of habits we have developed. All it takes is little observation, identify the detrimental one and schedule to change those habits and holding ourselves accountable to change.

The difference between habit and addiction is described really well with simple example. Brushing hair is a habit with positive outcome, whereas smoking & drinking are addiction and had adverse results in life.

If there is a level of craving, than it’s quite possible that this is a habit that you have learned but one which restricts your life.

Part II – Understanding the Habit Routine that Dictates Your Level of Happiness

As we identify our habits, and distinguish between good and bad, the second step is to understand how it is affect our productivity, happiness in general.

1) How Triggers Work – All our bad habits emerge from lack of confidence, some bad experience and lack of worthiness. Instead of getting spiral down in bad habits or leaving good habits, one must work out what is affecting their response, mood and activity.

2) Trying Different Habit Routines – As you identify your bad habits, triggers, and routine, replace routine with alternatives. Scott gives really simple to follow examples like add water intakes instead of coffee rounds, try different train home, consider stopping by park to unwind, relax before you go home.

Scott also offers few ideas to change bad habits –

1) Learn to forgive yourself – Lets face it, every time we try to change some habits or try new things, we do give up at times and Scott suggests that’s OK and urges readers to forgive self and accept giving up as part of the process.

2) Identifying underlying causes – This one is really good and takes self-examination. Instead of treating symptoms we look at cause of it. Scott explains this with drinking habit. Many who drink are hiding behind drinking to refrain from facing real problem.

And only they can examine and face that problem and as they do, drinking automatically fades away.

Part III – 30 Small Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Life

As they say life is great when there is balance in all aspect of life. Physical, Financial, Well-being, Relationships and Spiritual. Scott offers habits all of us can inculcate to fulfilling life.

You may have few of them already established and you can build others to make best of life. Here are few habits He offers is each aspect of life.

1) Productivity Habits –

  • Use a calendar to diary things that need to be done.
  • Allot a certain amount of time first thing in the morning as “quiet” time.
  • Sort work into priorities of Urgent, Routine, Non Urgent and that which can be delegated.

2) Relationship Habits-

  • Learn active listening – This is the best thing you can give in any relationship. Active listening is scarce in times of loads of distraction, highly underestimated.
  • Learn to say “NO” – There is another habit that one must inculcate. You may consider reading book The Art of Saying NO. Amazing book on saying no in any situation without sounding weird.

3) Financial Habits –

  • Work out your goals and start to save for things you want to happen in your life.
  • Know what your monthly expenditure is and balance your bank statements.
  • Enjoy simple pleasures in life.

4) Spirituality and well-being –

  • Mindfulness – woman meditating in open spaceNo matter how you feel around this word, it is better for you to understand the significance of mindfulness and reap the benefits of if. I recently read book 10 Minute Mindfulness. It teaches 71 habits that takes 10 Minute or less for bringing mindfulness in our daily life.
  • Learn to be humble – Humility is one of the highly learned trait of successfully happy person. There are lots of successful people and yet only happy among them are the one who are most humble.

5) Health and physical fitness –

  • Respect your need for sleep – There are numerous researches done in regards with need for proper sleep and its effects on our overall well-being. Give yourself enough sound sleep and you’ll reap benefits of it in long term.
  • Exercise sufficiently – exercise at homeWe leave in a time when it is easy give lots of excuses for not exercising, however we also have lots of options to inculcate exercise in our routine. Choose what suits you best. You may opt walking, running, gym, dancing, or choose to play sports. This not only helps keep physically fit, but also improves your work and over all well-being.

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As mentioned in introduction, Change your habits, Change your life with less than 100 pages will give you enough to ponder upon, act upon and encourage you to replace bad habits with good one and live more fulfilling life.

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Please share your thoughts/feedback of this summary in comments or if you have any questions and I would love to answer it.

I wish you good luck with habits you decide to inculcate.

Thank you for Reading.


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