Declutter Your Mind Book I S. J. Scott & Barrie Davenport

Book – Declutter Your Mind (How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking) (Summary)

Author – S. J. Scott & Barrie Davenport

Genre – Self-help Book

Published in – 2016

“Training your mind is the mental equivalent of tidying your house. It’s a habit you must repeat daily in order to stay on top of it. Even though, training your mind is not as straightforward or simple as housekeeping”.

This is the 2nd book I picked from the S. J. Scott & Barrie Davenport after receiving enormous value from their book 10 Minute mindfulness.

Declutter Your Mind will be of great help if you recognize any or all of the below hurdles in your life.

1) If you are constantly worrying about things, you can’t control and lose precious time overthinking about it.

2) If you have experienced times of high stress, agitation, anxiety, and even depression as a result of mental overwhelm.

3) If you are struggling to change your priorities, learn to manage and understand your thoughts so they don’t rule your life.

About The AuthorS. J. Scott Photo

S. J. Scott – 

He an author, blogger and speaker. He writes about self-help, personal development, habit change and online publishing. He has been guest speaker on 100 of podcast and making living online for last 12 years.

His thoughts on habit change and self-improvement are simple and expressed in the tagline of his web page, “Build a better life. One habit at a time.”

Barrie DavenportBarrie Davenport photo

She is a certified life coach, self-improvement course creator, and bestselling author of multiple books on relationship skills, emotional abuse, self-confidence, mindfulness, and more. She is also the founder of the top ranked self-improvement site live bold and bloom.

About The Book

Though we can’t keep our mental house free from clutter at all times, we can impact our thoughts enough to improve quality of our life and happiness with the help of strategies shared in Declutter your mind.

Author claims to teach us the habits, actions, and mindsets we can use to clean up the mental clutter that might be holding us back from being more focused and mindful.

The book is divided in 4 parts and share ideas of decluttering thoughts, life obligations, relationships, and surrounding.

Excerpts From Each Sections –

Part I – Decluttering Your Thoughts

Understanding why behind habits, helps immensely in eliminating or changing it. Thoughts are no exception.

Authors shares couple of causes responsible for cluttered thoughts.

  • Daily Stress – We live in highly competitive world. There is too much competition and it is more about proving our self to others than accomplishing things that really matter. Girl looking at screen anxiously
  • Paradox of Choices – This is really big one. Though having choices has its own benefits, however with more and more choices in almost all aspect of life, even seemingly trivial things makes things difficult.

Best thing about Declutter Your Mind is that it gives you many possible solutions to combat thought clutter and we can choose, which suits us best.

Mental Declutter Habit # 1 Focused Deep Breathing

One of the ideal way to break worry train, negative thought pattern is to bring back attention to breathing, which is Mindfulness. As you focus on breathing you will realize over time, how easy it is to get down from worry train.

Mental Declutter Habit # 2 MeditationWoman sitting in meditation postureMeditation is not only reserved for monks anymore or seen as religious ritual alone. It has way too much mainstream acceptance nowadays. There are numerous researches out there supporting Meditation.

If you have never tried Meditation so far or not willing to invest too much time in to it, you may consider 3 Minute Meditation Program to begin your Meditation Journey.

Part II – Declutter Your Life Obligations

One of the main reason for having so much stress, is not able to differentiate between what matters and what not.

With this section authors helps us identifying things that matter, set goals and eliminate rest to free up time and energy to focus on our goals.

Strategy #1 – Identify Your Core Values

This is one thing once set right can put things in its real perspective. Make lots of decision much easier. Having said, do keep in mind, it may not happen in one sitting and you may want to take your time with this exercise.

Ideas and tools in the book will help you with guidelines to set this right.

Strategy #2 – Create Quarterly S.M.A.R. T Goals

If you are like me, who looks for actionable in every book I read, This point can be your biggest take away. I always struggled with this, not anymore.

According to Steve, that lengthy goals (i.e., anything over six months) are often demotivating. When you know an outcome is months away, it’s easy to procrastinate on taking consistent action.

You keep putting off your goals, promising you’ll work on them next week . Next thing you know, it’s a year later and nothing has been accomplished.

Part III – Decluttering Your Relationships

couple playing with pet dogOur relations are one of the biggest source of happiness in our life, so are the source of pain. Be it parents, spouse, children, friends and our professional relations.

As we move along in our journey these relations creates lots of good memories, however it also creates lots of clutter, which we hang on to and let it affect ourselves adversely.

Relationship Strategy #1: Be More Present –

In the times of enormous distraction, being present in our relationship, conversation is the biggest positive contribution we can make. You may consider below tips to be more present in relationship.

  • Practice emphatic listening – Listen to empathize and don’t prepare response while listening. Just Listen.
  • Mindful speaking – Inculcate mindful speaking. Refrain from taunting, criticizing and use your words carefully.

Relationship Strategy# 2: Getting Unstuck From The Past

Because relationships are so integral to our lives, it’s not surprising that people from our pasts continue to cause us pain weeks, months, or even years after an encounter or relationship has ended.

Here are few suggestions one may consider letting go off past –

  • Resolve what you can.
  • Challenge your story.
  • Offer forgiveness.

Part IV – Decluttering Your Surroundings

Whether we like or not, our physical surrounding makes huge difference in our mood, thoughts, feeling, action and what we will accomplish.

This section is filled with awesome tips to boost productivity in professional and happiness in personal life.

Loved the example given in books in regards with procrastination –

Think about this: You likely spend at least one hour a day procrastinating. That’s seven hours a week—nearly a full workday.

So you lose 52 full workdays a year to procrastination. What could you do with an extra 52 workdays?

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Declutter Your Mind must be looked as guide rather than book. You may obtain Declutter Your Mind E-book and many more E-books for free here.

Hope this summary encourages you to pick this book, and implement the lessons in it.

If you like this book, you may also enjoy reading Think Straight By Darius Foroux.

I would appreciate your feedback/suggestion of this book summary in the comment Section.

Thank you for reading. Wish you a clutter free life.


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