The Power of Positive Thinking Book Review

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Book – The Power of Positive Thinking (A Practical Guide to Mastering the Problems of Everyday Living) (Review)

Author – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Genre – Self Help Book

Publish date – 1952

This book has been referred in so many other books and name of the author has been referred by many well-known writers personal development industry. As I picked and read this book thoroughly I now feel that this book and its teaching is worth implementing and recommending.

Even though the book was initially published in early 1950’s it’s teaching is as valid now as it was then. For as much as we progress in technology and other fields we still have many same basic desires which humans at all times have had.

This book needs to considered personal development manual than book and due time needs to be given to master the techniques by practicing them.

About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale Photo
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Norman Vincent Peale was an American minister, Author and speaker. He was widely known for his teaching of positive thinking.

His book The Power of positive thinking is his widely recognized book among other books he has written. He spent his life helping people uplift their life through his concept of positive thinking be it though personal counseling, speaking or books.

About the book

As they say if it is to be, it is up to me, which starts at the level of thoughts we think. This book reiterates same point and is filled with great techniques laid out in simple and doable steps.

After helping lots of people and encouragement from those people the Norman wrote this book so that it reaches broader audience and help as many people there are seeking guidance for changing their lives for better.

The book is filled with real life examples of people from all walks of life, who after Reading this book carefully, and applying the techniques persistently witnessed immense benefits like having new life, new power, increased efficiency, and greater happiness.

Few techniques seem so simple that one may question its effectiveness, yet often it is basic simple techniques which are most effective. Though we have been made to believe effective results come from doing hard things and we must do things like climbing mountain to improve our lives.

The Book highlights important factors in success like Strong Faith, Power of Silence, Power of prayer, Expecting and looking for best in all situation, how to break worry habit to name some of them.

Few Topics from the Book–

Self Confidence

The lack of belief in self, which is the result of inferiority complex. One can defeat thought of train by affirmations and using them especially in idle time like commuting, doing household chore. Constantly feeding mind with positive affirmation rather than keep worrying about worst come scenarios.

The Power of Silence

The power of silence has been emphasized well as it helps in clarify thoughts and make us aware of our inner dialogue with self as well make us aware of our dialogue with others in general. The words we speak have a direct and definite effect upon our thoughts.

For peaceful mind absolute silence is required for at least 15 minutes every day, as peaceful mind can generate great power. You may consider 3 Minutes Meditation if you want to learn embracing silence.

The Power of Prayer

Woman in meditation postureThe power of prayer – you can’t get man physically healthy, unless you get him spiritually healthy. I really like the idea of talking to power higher than us as naturally as we would talk with close friend and ask for help and have complete faith that constant guide is there.

And we will be guided all along through our test of times. Asking with full faith like, how do I deal with this situation? Give me fresh insights in to this.

Fuming and Fretting

Considering slowing down a bit and avoid matching excessive pace of life and you will find many things that we hurry into are non-essential. A good note of that is “To run fast, row slowly.

Note of Reference

The techniques shared in the book is derived from the Bible, however am sure anyone reads this kind of book be it Christian or Non-Christian are open to an idea which can change their lives for better.

I really like the way Author has described ideas and technique of practical prayer, which anyone can follow and benefit from it.

I have also created video of few quotes from the book – Hope you like it. Please do subscribe to my You Tube channel – Myread4change

If you want to read more quotes from the book. You may check Quotes from The Power of Positive Thinking Post.


To everyone who thinks does this positive thinking things really work? The book has awesome line in it.

“There is nothing new in that.” Indeed, there is something new in it if you have never tried it.

I highly recommend this book. Anyone who read this book thoroughly, implement the lessons will surely find enormous benefit in it.

You may download The Power of Positive Thinking Free E-Book here.

Please share your comments of this post in the comments below or if you have any questions about this book and I will gladly respond.

Wish you a great life.


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