Who Moved My Cheese Review – How do you see Change?

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Book – Who Moved My Cheese?Book cover of who moved my cheese

Author – Dr. Spencer Johnson

Genre – Self- help Book

Published Year – 1998

How do you see change of any type? If not sure you will find yourself in one of the character in the book or may resonate with different character in different aspect of life.

Thought of picking up this book considering the changes we are going through in all aspect of life due to current situation and this book capture change in the best way possible.

The amazing way to deal with change in work and in life through short story of mice and little people. The book teaches very important lessons in dealing with change.

About The Author –

Dr Spencer Johnson was an American physician and author. He was known for his famous book Who moved my cheese? He also wrote the peaks and valleys, The Present and co-authored One Minute Manager series books.

About the Book –

Who Moved My cheese is fictional story of four characters two mice and two little people. They are looking for cheese (Cheese Used as Metaphor for what we want in life health, wealth and happiness) in the maze.

Each character respond to change different, which determines the outcome in their life.

1) Anticipate change, and change the course well on time.

2) Stay prepared for changes and embrace it as soon as it happens.

3) Act after change has happened by force and yet adapt to it having no alternative.

4) Refuse to embrace change, stay mediocre and blame outer situation, other people for their life and circumstances they are in.

As the story moves along all four character finds their cheese completely vanish one day all of a sudden and what follows is how each of them deals with it. How they respond, how they act, and who accomplishes what with their response and action to this situation.

As you read this engaging short yet powerful short story, you will come face to face with yourself in one of the character and find yourself been or being in each one’s shoe in some point in life.

When it comes to change, we can change with times and get better with gaining experience through trial and error or stick to our old ways and get bitter with times constantly blaming outside situations upon which we don’t have any control.

I loved this line from the book –

When we change what we believe, we change what we do. We can believe change will harm us and resist it. Or we can believe that change will help us and embrace it. It depends on what we choose to believe.

I have also created video of few quotes from the book – I am sure you’ll it. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel – Myread4change

Conclusion –

It is must read book for everyone who resist change and wants to grow in any area of life. Change is inevitable, and part of growth. Sooner we embrace this fact the better.

Whether you are starting to read self-help book or have read many. This one will certainly engage you with its tale and inspire you to embrace change and grow with it.

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