Believe it to Achieve it Book Summary I Check Your Beliefs

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Book – Believe it to Achieve it

Author – Brian Tracy & Christina stein Ph.D.

Genre – Self-help

Book Published in – 2017

Whatever we accomplish or fail to accomplish always begins with believing in our ability or lack of it.

– Brian Tracy

How firmly do you believe in your goals, your actions, and your way of living? Is your belief helping you grow, or restricting your growth?

Brain Tracy, one of the Titans of the personal development industry shares his expertise in the book and inspires us to begin by checking what we believe in.

About the Book

The greatest obstacles to happiness and success are usually contained within our self-limiting beliefs, those negative beliefs about ourselves are not based on fact, but that we have accepted nonetheless.

The key to unlocking our full potential is to challenge these beliefs and replace them with new, life-enhancing beliefs.

And believe it to achieve it will help you identify your self-limiting beliefs, and provide exercises to let off those beliefs.

Let’s dive into some great insights from the book.

The Law of Cause and Effect

Everything happens for a reason. Just because we do not know the reason doesn’t mean a reason does not exist.

– Aristotle
  • The most important application of the law of cause and effect is this: Thoughts are causes, and conditions are effects.
  • You can control the cause, but the effect happens automatically, whether you want it to or not.
  • Successful people think of two things most of the time –
  1. What do they want?
  2. How to get it?

The Law of Expectations

Good vibes only written on the sand
  • It says that what we expect is what we get most of the time. Hence, it is better to have a positive expectancy in life rather than a negative one.
  • Perhaps the best attitude you can develop is one of positive expectancy, in which you go through life confidently expecting that everything will work out for the best.
  • If you take control of your thinking, you take complete control of your emotions, actions, and destiny.

The Law of Repulsion

Negative conversation image
  • The opposite of the law of attraction is the law of repulsion. When you think negative, worrying thoughts about money, how little you have, and how much everything costs, you create a negative force field of energy that drives money and opportunities out of your life.
  • Perhaps, the worst thing you can do if you want to be financially successful is to criticize other people who are doing well and earning more than you are.
  • Envy and resentment are two of the worst negative emotions. It drives all hope of success out of your life.

Changing Your Self-concept

Your self-concept is made up of the bundle of beliefs, primarily from others, that you have taken in about yourself and accepted as true.

Your self-concept is made up of three parts: Your self-ideal, your self-image, and your self-esteem.

  • Self-ideal – Your self-ideal is made up of the values, virtues, and qualities that you most admire in yourself and in other people.
  • Self-image – This is your “inner mirror.” It’s what you look into prior to any event in your life to determine how you should behave.
  • Self-esteem – It is the “reactor core” of your emotional power generator. It determines the quality, energy, and strength of your personality.
  • The most powerful words you can use to build your self-esteem are “I like myself!”

Eliminate the Expression of Negative emotions

Woman with Angry face
  • All negative emotions, sooner or later, come down to one: Anger. Anger is the ultimate negative emotion. All fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, and resentment eventually turn into the anger of some kind.
  • The core of anger is blame. The ability to blame someone for something he has done or not done is the essential requirement for the feeling and expression of anger, and negative emotions of all kinds.
  • The antidote to negative emotions, blaming, and anger is so simple and effective that it is almost overwhelming. Instead of blaming, accept responsibility for the situation.

Letting go of the Past

Man seeking forgiveness.
  • Perhaps the most important principle of success and happiness is contained in the law of forgiveness.
  • You are mentally healthy to the degree to which you can freely forgive, forget, and let go of any negative experience.
  • The practice of forgiveness is the key to becoming everything you are capable of becoming.

The Common Forgiveness Error

  • Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person. Forgiveness has only to do with you. It is a perfectly selfish act.
  • By forgiving the other person, you do not set him free; you set yourself free.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • It is not what happens to you in life that determines how you feel; it is how you respond to what happens.
  • The fastest way to transform from negative to positive, and to free yourself from the unhappy experiences of the past, is to resolve to see your past in a different way.
  • When you practice the law of substitution and exchange a positive thought for negative thought, your emotions change almost instantly.
  • Choice of words can be of great help in changing our thought process. For example, changing the word problem with the situation.

The Power of Questions

Question sign images

In every situation asking questions can disrupt thinking and allow us to look at it for what it is and work on the solution.

  • What exactly has happened?
  • How did it happen?
  • What can be done?
  • What actions do I take now?

Asking the right questions can save lots of time and energy. You may consider reading the Book Change your Questions, change your life.

The Six Pitfalls You Must Avoid

  • The Lack of CommitmentYou will barely get any results without committing. With commitment, there is nothing impossible.
  • Trying To Change Others This is a sure way to remain unhappy and frustrated for eternity. Focus on yourself and what is within your control.
  • JealousyJealousy can be used as an indicator of something we want or want to do. Use it to find out and learn from the person.
  • Self-pity – This is the worst way of seeking sympathy. Stop it and change your words, use encouraging words.
  • Negative expectations Always talk about what you want, expect to happen or receive, rather than what you don’t want.


Believe it to achieve it will fuel you with inspiration, equip you with positive beliefs, and encourage you to turn around your thoughts, actions, and destiny.

You may download Believe it to Achieve it Free E-book copy from here. If you like this book, you may also like Win Your Inner Battles.

Hope this book summary helped you in some way. Please share your thoughts in the comment.

I wish you a wonderful life.


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