Peaks and Valleys Book Summary – Spencer Johnson M.D.

Book – Peaks and Valleys Author – Spencer Johnson M.D. Genre – Self- help Book Published Year – 2009 “Peaks are moments when we appreciate what we have, Valleys are moments when we long for what is missing.” Loved this line from the book. Got hands on another short tale with powerful insight after I … Read more

Who Moved My Cheese Review – How do you see Change?

Book – Who Moved My Cheese? Author – Dr. Spencer Johnson Genre – Self- help Book Published Year – 1998 How do you see change of any type? If not sure you will find yourself in one of the character in the book or may resonate with different character in different aspect of life. Thought … Read more

The Rules of Life by – Richard Templar – Review

Book – The Rules of Life Author – Richard Templar Genre – Self-help Book First Published in 2005. Title seems bit cheesy and I realized and even thought or was rather scared of judgment and look I may get while walking around with the book in my hand and yet when I completed reading the … Read more

The 1% Rule- Fall in love with the process – Review

Book – The 1% Rule Author – Tommy Baker Genre – Self- help Book Published in – 2018 As much as WHY is important, not having “HOW TO” or taking long to find “HOW TO” often fizzles why and we start questioning our why as well. This is another book I read on “HOW TO … Read more

Summary of Essentialism of Greg Mckeown – The disciplined pursuit of less

Book – Essentialism Author – Greg Mckeown Genre – Self – help Published – 2014 We are leaving in a time when we are bombarded with choices. Considering our attention is our biggest asset, it is important to consider what we focus on and that’s exactly Author has emphasized throughout this book. About the Author … Read more